Hiring an accountant for a firm is a hectic job. Company leaders are looking for someone who oversees all finances and the business’s cash flow. These are crucial tasks and could make or break a business. This is why it is vital that companies make a checklist of what a potential candidate looks like every time a new accounting resource is hired. In addition, the hiring process needs to be carried out smoothly, and a few factors to consider are skills, level of expertise, and flexibility.

If you are an accountant looking to apply for a position at different places or are waiting for an interview, but need to know what the firm you want to work for has in mind or what the best accountant qualities are, do not worry. Instead, read this blog if you want an entire map regarding what accounting firms consider while hiring an accountant.

Company Culture

The most important thing in every excellent firm is its company culture. They expect you to bring a particular level of professionalism to the workplace. This means being on time and adhering to all rules required at the job. If the work culture is flexible and lighthearted, the hiring team will want to ensure you can fit in. More than that, companies have different policies regarding harassment and inclusivity. They would question you to ensure you do not threaten these values.

Work Ethic

Considering a firm will pay you for the job you are applying for, they will want to know if you have a work ethic that will fit their demands. Especially for accounting jobs, you will have to be particular about how you work because finance is a significant component of any company. Whether it is a multinational corporation or a startup, the work you will be required to do will be a considerable part of the company’s success. This is why they expect you to be very careful in working and not make basic errors.

Also, the work ethic they expect you to bring will depend on what they are looking for. For example, are they potentially looking for someone who has a problem-solving approach and brings a new vision compared to their last resource, or do they want a similar person? Regarding working ethics, accounting firms are inclined towards hiring an accountant who can get the job done on time and has a positive outlook towards working in a team and collaborating.

Skills and Experience

As an accountant, you will be expected to have a basic skill level and be familiar with different systems. In the present day and age, accounting firm employees’ role has become digital. This is why the hiring team would want someone who is comfortable with different software and has a decent grip on the technology. Most companies are looking for people with a digital mindset since they consider this one of the best accountant qualities.


One task that accountants have to carry out is communication with different parties. This can be internal and external as well. They have to let everyone in the firm know what different figures mean. Outside the firm, they have to talk to clients and strategically deal with them. Therefore, knowing how to communicate is an essential skill.

Business Acumen

Strong business acumen makes you stand out whenever you apply for an accounting job. While a basic knowledge of accounting and finance is vital, what will make you different is being comfortable with business acumen. Accountants should be able to move beyond profit and loss and see what the entire business is for. Your goal should be centered around adding more value to your client services.


Lastly, the most significant thing companies look at before taking an accountant on board is their qualification. For example, is their degree related to Chartered Accountancy, or have they done ACCA? Another option is getting an Accounting and Finance degree from a university. Seeing your transcripts would give the firm a better understanding of your strong and weak points in accounting. Based on this, they can decide whether you will be well suited for the role.

While there are many things accounting firms look at when they are hiring an accountant, the points mentioned above do an excellent job of summarizing them. Make sure you let the company know you have a good work ethic and your skills will be of great value to them.


In conclusion, the hiring process for accountants in accounting firms involves careful consideration of various factors. Beyond technical expertise, educational qualifications, and certifications, employers value qualities such as integrity, communication skills, and adaptability to evolving technologies. Aspiring accountants can use these insights to prepare themselves for a rewarding career in the accounting industry. For accounting firms, finding accountants who possess the right blend of skills and traits ensures that they can deliver top-notch financial services and foster long-term client relationships.