Chartered accounting is a reputable course that pays well, provides work mobility, and promises employment. Can something be this good without a catch? Yes, we did not think so; there is always a catch!

Who would have thought that something so respected and prestigious has things that make it less desirable for students? Well, there are a few things that stop many students from applying for chartered accounting. We will discuss them below, but before jumping to them, we need to remind you that everything comes with a price, and sacrifices have to be made to achieve great things, here the great thing being Chartered Accountancy.

So let’s go through 6 insane things about CA in Pakistan that are absolutely true, wait really?

International Growth

We all know that CA is a degree that can help you flourish in Pakistan. However, that’s not where the benefits offered by CA end. CA offers international growth – in fact, some say that it is one of the most lucrative courses you can take up precisely because it offers considerable respect and money all around the world.

So, the fact that CA pays off well in Pakistan may be attractive – but just remember that you can even get this qualification cashed in other places around the world.

6 Insane But True Things About CA

Articleship Period

Before applying for CA, most students are not aware of the three-year article-ship period. After completing the two-year course, students have to work under a licensed chartered accountant or chartered accountant firm for three years during their article-ship period. This period is basically like an internship that helps students prepare for the practical world.

This period is often challenging for the students; they have to face the hardships of working in practical life. Moreover, it helps train students for the industry and prepares them for the future as a CA. At this time, most of the students take online classes for CA as they do not want to leave study altogether.

Contributes to Your Personality

Additionally, chartered accountancy is not just a course that improves your academic side. It gives you amazing personal qualities as well. For example, your degree will motivate you to polish your comprehension skills, you will be able to improve your discipline, and will also make you a better communicator. When you have your CA degree in your hand, you will also be equipped with a hundred other traits that make you not only a better worker but also a person.

Learning Never Stops

Chartered accounting is not a piece of cake. It asks you to put in the time and hard work. Even as a student you have to dedicate most of the day to studies and even in practice you learn new things every day. With CA, you just never stop learning; you cannot close yourself in a box. You have to keep track of all the new policies, new laws, and regulations that are introduced.

In Pakistan, the economy is very dynamic, and the tax policies are constantly evolving. Furthermore, the laws will keep changing as the year goes by, and you have to stay updated with them.

Lack Of Study Material

There is adequate study material for CA students. It is difficult for students to find the best notes for the course of CA. We lack standardized study material for a specialized field like CA. ICAP handles the CA course and exams in Pakistan, and yet they have failed to produce good textbooks for students. Students want effective textbooks that are designed using the textbook syllabus of CA.

Work Complexity

Chartered accounting is a demanding field. As a student, you have to stay dedicated and put in hours daily in order to pass the exams. And as a working Chartered Accountant, you have to work repetitively. The audit work that many Chartered accountants have to deal with is repetitive in nature. Moreover, you have to sit at the desk for long hours and work tirelessly.

Great things come with a bit of pain and effort. As we said at the start, nothing comes for free, but a small price has to be paid for a promising future. Chartered accountants earn well and live a very lavish lifestyle. Even though the process is challenging, the end result is always worth it!