Soon after qualifying CAF, students get confused about what should be their next step. Start CFAP or focus on firm inductions. This lack of knowledge, results in students making a lot of mistakes when choosing the institute for CFAP. This blog will talk about 5 of these mistakes and their possible solutions:

Consider An Institute Where Faculty For All Subjects Is Good

Instead of approaching only one teacher of choice, students in CFAP level should look for a place where they can get good coaching in all 6 CFAP subjects. ICAP paper passing percentage at this level is similar for all 6 papers and therefore students should pick an institute where for all 6 subjects they get the best help to pass exams. Additionally, timetables are often convenient to manage ( along with Sunday classes) if all classes are being taken from one institute.

Consider An Institute With Economical Repeat Fee

Students at CFAP level are sailing on two boats at a same time, CFAP & Articleship and this can sometimes result in missed classes due to outstation posting or late sitting. Also, sometimes some students just want to revise again certain difficult topics in the next session and sometimes due to unfortunate result a student may want to repeat a paper in the next session. For all these reasons, at this level of chartered accountancy, students should pick an institute where they can repeat by paying an economical fee.

Consider An Institute Where Recorded Lectures Are Available

Carrying forward point number 2, students at CFAP Level, often miss out on their lectures due to busy schedules or other work-related commitments. For such students, it is recommended that they should choose an institute for CFAP where they can get access to recorded lectures. You should check that these lectures are regularly updated for any syllabus changes.

Consider An Institute That Offers Monthly Tests And Mocks

Lack of familiarity can be alarming at times. CFAP level students should choose an institute where they can appear in monthly tests & Mock based on ICAP guidelines exams (prepared and marked by qualified chartered accountants) to get familiar with ICAP exams.

Consider an institute where they can learn from teaching & practical experience of teachers

At CFAP level, the subjects are more practical in nature and ICAP testing requires academic and practical exposure. For such students, an institute with teachers from different backgrounds and practical experiences is highly recommended.

If students follow the above-mentioned solutions, their CFAP journey can get much easier. To learn more, talk to our counsellor on WhatsApp: