With the growing demand for chartered accountants in the world, CA Institutes in Pakistan also saw a boom with thousands of students coming in wanting to pursue a career. Consequently, this saw an increase in the number of CA institutes too. Today, there are a number of CA institutes in Pakistan. However, there always have been some cliches that every CA institute has followed. In our opinion, these shall be avoided by any student. Let’s read through some of them.

Extra-curricular Activities

Well, as much as we hate to say it, extracurricular activities are important. A CA institute with no extra-curricular activities is like feeding books to young brains with no personality development. What such does is that students quickly get lazy, lose motivation, and eventually lose focus. With extracurricular in place, they have a variation to what is provided apart from books. Some examples of extracurriculars are speech competitions, introduction to clubs, entrepreneurship competitions and a student council. These instill qualities of leadership, critical thinking, and confidence. If you are a student, these are the first few things that you shall analyze before deciding on an institute.

CA Institutes

Campus Location And Environment

A major cliché of any CA institute has been the lack of a good spacious campus. Either the institutes are located inside residential houses turned institutes or in very small spaces. With a campus made in a house with small classrooms filled with a good number of students, these institutes become nothing but a nightmare at times for students.


Another aspect is that these institutes greatly lack facilities, outdoor or indoor sports or even any rooms for rest. What such enables is a culture of just good enough education without any pinch of facilities that may motivate students better.


A very important aspect that you as a student shall avoid is the provision of uniforms. Some institutes have uniforms as a major requirement to even their campus with rules such as of a certain type of shoes to be worn. While we are not standing against discipline, the provision of uniform places a responsibility on students which no other institutes do. At the age they are, it simply becomes an annoyance specifically seeing other university students not wearing any uniforms. This also prevents the idea of a relaxed environment and further causes students to be rather demotivated.

Rote Learning

Rote learning without any practical knowledge of the corporate world is a major problem any institute faces today. Sometimes, the students are asked to just rote learn the concepts even. Eventually, students lose focus and interest as no real learning is involved. This may stem from teachers too as they become part of the system and the problem eventually. Even if they graduate on time, often students face problems in the professional world as their concepts are not concrete enough. Thus, if you are a student, you shall analyze if the institute you chose is actually teaching concepts.
Now that you have read these cliches that you have to avoid, remember, self-assess what you really want to do in life in terms of your career and then make a decision!