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PAC is a socially responsible organization. PAC’s answer to CSR is clear. It wants to play its part for a better society and better Pakistan. From educating young men and women to making them useful members of society to enhancing and supporting excellence, PAC is always at the forefront when it is time to giving back to the community.  

Earthquake Relief Efforts

On 8th October, 2005 an earthquake measuring 7.6 on Richter scale hit northern parts of Pakistan causing large scale devastation and havoc. The destruction caused by this massive earthquake was so huge in scale and magnitude that only governmental efforts were not enough to meet the challenges of providing relief to thousands of affected men, women and children. Like many other organizations, PAC was quick in its response and urgently made an appeal to its students, staff, faculty and alumni to make their contribution in cash and kind. The response from PAC community was overwhelming. In a short time period an amount of Rs 8 million was raised to help the people of Muzzafarabad, Bagh and Balakot. A truckload of relief goods was also dispatched to the affected areas. PAC also organized a solidarity walk to show their sympathy with their brethren in difficulty. PAC students donated 200 bags of blood for the injured and hospitalized. 

Relief Efforts for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

When Pakistan Army launched its operation in SWAT and adjoining areas against terrorists, people of SWAT and other affected areas were displaced and desperately needed help. PAC again made a quick response by making a contribution of Rs 1 million. This amount was deposited in the Chief Minister’s relief fund for rehabilitation of IDPs. As a part of its continuing CSR initiative, PAC offered 50 % discount in fees to students who were among IDPs.

Blood Donation Camps

PAC students, faculty and staff have always joined hands with organizations working to help the helpless and needy. To support patients suffering from thalassemia and other blood related diseases, PAC organizes blood camps for Sundas Foundation at all its campuses on a regular basis. So far a total of 20 such camps have been organized.

Free Medicinal Services 

In 2003, the Academy set up Ishfaq Ahmed Memorial Free Dispensary in collaboration with Poly Clinic, Gulberg Lahore. The aim in setting up this service was to provide free of cost medical treatment to PAC students and public at large. In the last seven years, more than 2500 persons have benefitted from this free medical service. 


Since its inception PAC made itself affordable for all segments of the society. Students who could not afford education were given Qarz-e-Hasna (Interest Free Educational Loan) by PAC to cover their educational expenses. So far Qarz-e-Hasna amounting to Rs 20 million has been given to hundreds of students.

Staff Trainings

PAC has a regular administrative staff of 150 personnel. Staff training programs are organized on a regular basis. Staff are given training in the areas of CRM, Time Management, Stress Management, Work-life balance and Performance Improvement helping them to cope with the challenges faced by them in the modern workplace environment and lead better and stress free lives. 

Other Contributions

Thar famine affectees’ cash donation deposited in Governor’s Relief Fund and Balochistan earthquake relief efforts cash donation paid to Edhi.





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